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Tree City USA Statistics 2021

  1. We've created this simple form to hopefully better track items by quarter versus trying to remember everything from the past year. Please provide Kristine Flythe with any feedback, or if a specific staff member should receive this at the end of each quarter. Thank you!

    1st report: January - March

    2nd report: April - June

    3rd report: July - September

    4th report: October - December 20

  2. How many meetings have you had related to trees (Include the Month)? Who was in attendance? Brief summary of topics covered?
  3. Include cost of tree purchases, labor and equipment for planting, planting materials, stakes, wrapping, watering, mulching, competition control, etc.
  4. Include cost of pruning, insect and disease management, fertilization, watering, etc.
  5. Include cost of equipment, supplies, labor, etc.
  6. Include cost of public education, professional training, memberships, salaries, street and park tree inventory.
  7. A number of volunteer hours and other contributions from civic organizations.
  8. Include any other expenses not mentioned, or anything you'd like to note/include in Tree City USA reporting.
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