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2024 Community Organization - Lebanon Farmers Market

  1. Community Organization Rules

    The Lebanon Farmers Market values the work of service organizations and non-profits in our community. We welcome you to join us in the market in our free community spaces. 

    Political and religious activities are not permitted at community organization booths during the market. Community spaces are limited, and acceptance to the market is at the discretion of the Market Coordinator. 

    All community organizations must comply with the following:

    * Product sales are NOT permitted in community spaces.

    * Sale of raffle tickets, and fundraising is acceptable. Donations may be accepted, but may not be in exchange for material goods or services. 

    * Giving away of food or drink is not permitted. 

    * Community organizations must supply their own tents, tables, and chairs.

  2. Please describe the focus and activities that you plan to offer to the community in this booth.

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  4. I have read, and agree to the 2024 community organization rules as stated above.
  5. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jessica Giordani.
    Office: 603-448-5121 Cell: 860-770-1563 E-mail:
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