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Board Member Application

  1. Application Process

    After submitting this application, you will be contacted and interviewed by one of our City Councilors. Your application will then go before the full Council at one of their regular meetings for consideration of appointment. If you have questions, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 603-448-3054 or

  2. Basic Requirements
    • Lebanon/West Lebanon resident (except for those boards whose membership makeup includes non-resident)
    • Willingness to learn
    • Commitment to attend meetings
    • Treat people fairly
    • Consider the best interest of the community as a whole when making decisions
    • Must have attended one meeting of the board that you wish to apply to within the last six months to observe the process and function of the board.
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  6. For which board, committee, or commission are you applying?*

    Please note that City Council positions are elected positions. Those interested in serving on the City Council must file with the City Clerk’s office during the designated filing period prior to the March election of each year. The filing period information will be listed on our Election Information page.

  7. Qualifications for City Council*
    Per City Charter Sections C419:16 and C419:18, the following are mandatory qualifications to serve as a member of Lebanon City Council.
  8. In which ward do you reside?*
    Unless you are applying for a councilor at-large seat, you must reside in the ward boundary of the council seat for which you are applying. You can use our Find Your Ward tool to find your ward.
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