Where do I obtain a burn permit?
The City of Lebanon Fire Department has agreed to participate in the State of New Hampshire Division of Forest and Lands Online Burn Permitting System. Please visit https://nhdflweb.sovsportsnet.net for more details.

Burn permits can also be obtained by stopping by either of the two staffed fire stations in the City. Station 1 is located at 12 S Park Street,Lebanon, NH 03766 and Station 2 is located at 63 Main Street, West Lebanon, NH 03784.

For questions, please contact the Lebanon Fire Department at 603-448-8810. After obtaining the burn permit, the Lebanon Dispatch Center must be notified at 603-448-1212 before starting the fire and again after the fire has been extinguished.

To learn more about open burn permits, please see our Open Burning Rules page.

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