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Jackson Conservation Property

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Property Description

The Jackson Conservation Property comprises 15 acres with foot trails. 


The property is located along the eastern edge of downtown Lebanon, providing a natural area outing for the urban core and surrounding neighborhood.  The former farmland was subdivided to allow the City of Lebanon to purchase and conserve the undeveloped portion of the land as a natural area.  The 15+ acres was purchased in 2010 and protected using the Lebanon Open Space Trust fund.  The property is permanently protected under a conservation easement held by the UVLT.  

Features & Access

The property is primarily forested, with species including red oak, white pine, easter hemlock, red maple, and to a lesser extent, sugar maple, white ash, yellow birch, and hop hornbeam.  A small red pine plantation exists near the end of Reservoir Road.  The eastern hemlock along the northern boundary provide a wintering area for deer.  The 3 acres of open field is managed to maximize butterfly, damselfly, and bird habitat.   

Reservoir Road abuts the eastern edge of the property, allowing easy access to the mowed trail.  Additionally, there is a foot trail that connects the property with Forest Avenue.