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Baker's Crossing Conservation Area

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  1. Floodplain Forest
  2. Packard Covered Bridge
  3. Significant Ecological Area

Property Description

Baker's Crossing Conservation Area comprises five acres with a Riverwalk Trail.

History & Features

The property was purchased from the Slack family in 1992, with funding from the Lebanon Open Space Trust Fund.  Historically the property had been mowed for hay, as part of a multi-generation Slack family farm.  The Lebanon Rotary club actively manages the parking area, including the maintenance of planters as well as general clean-up tasks.  

The scrub/shrub field as well as the floodplain forest along the river’s edge provide valuable habitat for migratory birds, butterflies, and other small animal species.  The stretch of Mascoma River here provides access for fishing, noting that it is limited to fly fishing only.  


The property is located in close proximity to the intersection of Hardy Hill Road and Riverside Drive, with the Packard Covered Bridge located along the southwestern boundary, and the Mascoma River along the eastern boundary.  The small parking area provides access to the trailhead as well as a scenic view of the Packard Bridge and Mascoma River.