What is considered a wetland?
Please contact the Planning Office at 603-448-1457 and talk with Mark Goodwin, GIS Coordinator.

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2. Is hunting allowed in Lebanon?
3. Does the City have a Master Plan?
4. What triggers a site plan?
5. What is the cost for Site Plan or Subdivision?
6. How often does the Planning Board meet?
7. How do I apply for a Site Plan, Subdivision, Boundary Line Adjustment, Voluntary Merger?
8. What is considered a wetland?
9. Can I subdivide my land?
10. Do I need a state permit to fill in a wetland?
11. Do you have a list of Conservation Lands?
12. Who can tell me how my property is zoned?
13. How can I help improve the conservation lands in the city?
14. Is there an online site/map which shows the location of water/sewer lines in the City?