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Posted on: June 1, 2018

What's Wrong with Weeds, Anyway?

a cluster of violet flowers in a lawn

The following information has been shared by the Lebanon Conservation Commission: 

  • Did you know that clover used to be considered a desirable and healthy component of lawns until agricultural chemical companies were unable to develop a “weed killer” that spared clover?
  • Have you ever noticed how lovely a mass of yellow dandelions can be in a lawn in spring?
  • Many people find that a lawn consisting of a variety of grass and broadleaf species is quite attractive—and the diversity is much healthier!
  • Have you ever considered mowing paths through your lawn which you let grow up into into a lovely natural succession of grasses and wildflowers?
  • Most of our “weed” flowers -- clovers, dandelions, ground ivy, violets, hawkweeds, goldenrods, asters, and many others -- serve as sources of nectar and pollen for pollinators that are so important for plant reproduction and the entire food web. Think how beneficial to allow these plants to flower and thrive in your yard.
  • If you do need to control weeds, there are a number of safe, non-toxic environmentally-friendly methods that avoid the problems and environmental damage caused by chemical pesticides and fertilizers. To find out more check out Least-toxic Control of Weeds from Beyond Pesticides.
  • Problems with grass and weeds growing up between patio pavers, in cracks in sidewalks and driveways, etc.? Instead of spraying chemical weed killers try using a propane weed torch, available at garden supply outlets. Just be sure to use it safely and have a hose nearby.
  • Do you know anyone with goats? It turns out that when goats are fenced or tethered in an area where poison ivy or other unwanted shrubs are growing they will often eat the poison ivy or shrub and leave the grass alone. When carefully planned this could be another non-chemical way to get rid of unwanted plants, especially where they are growing densely. Read about goats and poison ivy here .

Additional Information:

Did you miss our post last week about healthy lawns? Read it here .

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