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Monday, September 21, 2020



A. Review of meeting procedures and NH RSA 91-A “Right-to-Know” requirements.  




September 8, 2020


PUBLIC HEARINGS - Continued from September 8, 2020:


**AMENDED NOTICE** William M. & Lori Grizzaffi, 351 Meriden Road (Tax Map 167, Lot 16), zoned RL-1:

Request for a Variance from Article III, Section 312.2 of the Zoning Ordinance to allow a towing business and vehicular impound yard, and from Section 205 to allow two (2) principal structures on the property where only one principal structure is permitted. #ZB2020-22-VAR

Ann-Eleanor White, 57 Mascoma Street (Tax Map 91, Lot 108), zoned R-3:

Applicant requests a Special Exception pursuant to Article VII, Section 703.1 of the Zoning Ordinance to reconstruct and expand an existing detached garage that is non-conforming to the 15 ft. minimum side yard required from the lot line shared with 7 Cameron Avenue (Tax Map 91, Lot 107).  #ZB2020-26-SE

Visions for Creative Housing Solutions, 12 Green Street (Tax Map 92, Lot 131), zoned R-2:

Request for a Special Exception pursuant to Article III, Section 309.2 of the Zoning Ordinance to permit a group residence. #ZB2020-28-SE

**AMENDED NOTICE** David Wong (property owner), Janet Wong (applicant), 23 Eldridge Street (Tax Map 77, Lot 190), zoned R-3:

Request for (a) a Variance from Article III, Section 309.2 of the Zoning Ordinance to convert an existing two-family dwelling to a 4-unit multi-family dwelling which is not a permitted use in the R-3 District, (b) a Variance from Section 310.3 to allow density to exceed the maximum permitted in the R-3 District, and (c) a Variance from the Section 607 to allow only four (4) off-street parking spaces for the proposed multi-family dwelling whereas a minimum of six (6) off-street parking spaces is required, or, in the alternative, a Variance from  Section 201.7 to allow parking spaces within the front yard and a Variance from the Appendix A definition of “off-street parking space” which requires parking spaces to be independently accessible.  #ZB2020-29-VAR



Alice & Adam Dansby, 32 West Street (Tax Map 91, Lot 74), zoned R-3:

Applicants intend to remove the existing home and to build a new home closer to Child Street. Request for a Variance pursuant to Article III, Section 310.3 of the Zoning Ordinance to build a dwelling 10 ft. from the side property line shared with 10 Child Street (Tax Map 91, Lot 79) where a minimum yard of 15 ft. is required.  ZB2020-30-VAR

Cote Swenson & Samantha Medina, 397 Dartmouth College Highway (Tax Map 111, Lot 9), zoned RL-2:

A Special Exception was granted in 2009 pursuant to Article VII, Sections 702.1 and 702.5 of the Zoning Ordinance to operate a contractor’s yard (#ZB2009-01). Applicants request an amendment to the Special Exception approval to eliminate or modify the conditions of approval. #ZB2020-21-SE

Cote Swenson & Samantha Medina, 397 Dartmouth College Highway (Tax Map 111, Lot 9), zoned RL-2:

Applicants request a Variance from Sections 313.2 and 702.5.D of the City of Lebanon Zoning Ordinance to allow the expansion of a non-conforming “produce stand” use. In the alternative, applicants request a Special Exception pursuant to Section 313.2 to expand an existing produce stand. #ZB2020-22-SE


These applications will be considered under the cited section or sections of the Zoning Ordinance found upon testimony to be applicable to the proposed actions and to be necessary to consider the requests.





Public Participation Notice: Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 Pandemic, the City of Lebanon is offering its meetings via Microsoft Teams. Members of the public are encouraged to attend by going to  LebanonNH.gov/Live  where you will find instructions on how to enter the meeting. Members of the public will be able to participate and ask questions through the Microsoft Teams software or by phone. For full details, please visit LebanonNH.gov/Live, or call the Planning & Development Dep’t at 603-448-1457.

Note: City Hall is temporarily closed to the public in order to help prevent of the spread of Novel Coronavirus COVID-19. City operations will continue during this time, but in-person transactions will be limited to those of a critical nature. If you have any questions or would like to view the files for the application identified above, please contact the Planning & Development Department by sending an e-mail to planning@lebanonnh.gov, or by calling 603-448-1457. The application materials will also be posted to the City's website on or around September 16, 2020 at https://lebanonnh.gov/agendacenter.

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