Other Boards & Committees

  1. Advance Transit Board of Directors

    Advance Transit is a private, nonprofit organization that provides public transportation services for the Upper Valley area.

  2. Bridge Naming Task Force

    The West Lebanon Bridge and Park Naming Task Force was established by Council action on August 3, 2016, to address the naming of the Route 4 Bridge between West Lebanon and Hartford, VT, and the adjacent riverfront park.

  3. Building Code Board of Appeals

    View information for the Building Code board of Appeals.

  4. Capital Improvement Project (CIP)

    It is the Committee's responsibility to review, evaluate, rank, and revise the Capital Improvement Project List as presented by the Administration.

  5. Lebanon Housing Authority Board

    Lebanon Housing Authority is a public housing agency whose mission is to provide affordable, decent, safe and sanitary housing to income-eligible residents in the community.

  6. Licensing Board

    The Licensing Board is responsible for reviewing and granting licenses for the use of Colburn Park, the Hanover Street Mall area and use of City property.

  1. Soldiers Memorial Building - Guardian

    Access information regarding the Soldiers Memorial Building and Guardian.

  2. Task Force on Homelessness

    The Task Force on Homelessness was established by Council action on July 6, 2016, to address the issue of homelessness in Lebanon, specifically at Market Street, regarding property use, liability, and offers of assistance.

  3. U.V. Transportation Management Association

    The Transportation Management provides leadership and education to promote planning, development, and implementation of transportation initiatives to mitigate traffic congestion and reduce reliance on single-occupant vehicle commuting.

  4. Trustee of Trust Funds

    Trustees are responsible for investing Trust Funds of the City of Lebanon in securities legal for investment by savings banks of this state.

  5. U.V. Sub-Committee of CT River Joint Commission

    The Upper Valley River Subcommittee of the Connecticut River Joint Commissions is charged with developing a river corridor management plan, and review and advise on all state and federal permits that affect the Connecticut River.

  6. U.V. Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission

    The Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission is a public, nonprofit, voluntary association of towns and cities in the Upper Valley and Lake Sunapee Areas.