About LebGIS Maps

GIS Summary Overview

 History of LebGIS

The LebGIS system began as a means to assist the City Assessor with day-to-day operations in 2001. It was a classic situation in which the Assessing staff was looking at the need to hire additional staff to support the volume of service calls received and, as opposed to hiring more staff, they explored a means to support the service calls by providing information via a GIS online mapping tool. Additional City departments began to utilize GIS technology, including the Lebanon Planning and Development department who has since integrated the technology into the vast majority of their day to day operations.

Current System: The current LebanonGIS system includes a full-time GIS Coordinator, a GIS library of approximately 70+ layers, an Internet mapping tool, core ESRI GIS software as well as GPS and other computer related software programs. It became a full City program.

Services Provided

LebGIS focuses on several core program areas:

  1. Provide Data Maintenance and Data Development
  2. Provide staff support for specific projects as well as routine tasks
  3. Provide support to City Council, Boards, and Commissions, as well as "partner" organizations (e.g. School Department, Regional Planning Commission, etc.)
  4. Maintain a GIS web mapping tool to serve the needs of staff as well as the general public.
  5. Create standard and custom maps
  6. Provide assistance to consultants working with the City of Lebanon
  7. Support data request and map sales
  8. Provide Program administration and development (e.g. data distribution and submission standards, program budgeting, data documentation, and tasks prioritization).