Documents, Studies, & Resources

  1. Capital Improvements Program

    Find both the approved and the proposed sections of this program.

  2. Lebanon 2010 Census Information

    The City of Lebanon's 2010 Profile of General Population and Housing Characteristics is available for viewing.

  3. Natural Resources Inventory

    View the table of contents and pertinent documents for the inventory.

  4. No Idling Signs in Lebanon

    The City of Lebanon has posted signs alerting drivers to New Hampshire’s existing Rules concerning the idling of vehicles. The acknowledgment and promotion of the State’s program is part of the City’s ongoing commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability and is another step toward implementing the City’s Master Plan.

  5. Planning Studies

    Find landscape studies, "micropolis" study, hazard mitigation plan, and corridor plans.

  6. Lebanon's Wildlife Corridors

    This study, completed and delivered to the Planning Department in December 2016, focuses on fourteen prominent wildlife corridor areas around the City, in addition to summarizing three assessments previously completed by Dr. Smith.

  7. Hazard Mitigation Plan

    The Lebanon Hazard Mitigation Plan is a planning tool for use by the City of Lebanon in its efforts to reduce future losses from natural and/or human-made hazards. This plan does not constitute a section of the City Master Plan, nor is it adopted as part of the Zoning Ordinance.

  8. Crafts Avenue Phase II Report