Steering Committee - Implementation of Master Plan

Purpose / Charge

The Steering Committee for the Implementation of the Master Plan (or SCIMP) is charged with the implementation of the City's Master Plan. They determine which of the Master Plan outcomes, strategies and action items are priorities for a given year, how best to implement them, and provide a forum for educating themselves and the public on ideas and techniques to implement planning and zoning for Lebanon. Their recommendations are passed on to the Planning Board for action.
The following charge added on May 1, 2013: To include the study and development of recommendations for implementing potential roundabouts in the context of the City's overall long-range transportation plan. (Per disbandment of Ad Hoc Roundabout Committee by City Council.)

Lebanon Master Plan

With this plan, the City of Lebanon presents a collective philosophy for the management of development. The City shall sustainably manage its physical, social, and economic development in such a way as to maintain a pleasant, healthy, safe and stimulating environment for all residents. The City recognizes that this will be balanced by respect for and protection of the rights of all property owners. Visit the Master Plan page.


The SCIMP is composed of five voting members: three from the Planning Board with one alternate, one from the Conservation Commission with one alternate, and one from the City Council with one alternate. The SCIMP will meet quarterly and the public is encouraged to attend as there will often be public dialog and guest speakers.

Meeting Time and Place

Regular meetings for Steering Committee - Implementation of Master Plan (SCIMP) are held in January and June, but may be held more frequently as the need arises.

Agendas, Audio, & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Audio recordings of City meetings is posted within 48 hours following the meeting date. Minutes are available following approval.
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  • Susan Almy, Conservation Commission Representative
  • Clifton Below, City Council Representative
  • Elizabeth Celtrick, Planning Board Representative
  • Keith Davio, Planning Board Representative
  • Clarke Dustin, Alternate Conservation Commission Representative
  • Karen Liot Hill, Alternate City Council Representative
  • Joan Monroe, Alternate Planning Board Representative
  • Gregory Schwarz, Planning Board Representative

Staff Support:

  • David Brooks, Director of Planning and Zoning
  • Kelly Crate, Administrative Assistant
  • Mark Goodwin, GIS Coordinator