Boards & Committees

  1. Class VI Roads Advisory Committee

    The Class VI Roads Advisory Committee shall review the status of all of the Class VI roads within the City to include their current, historic, and possible future uses.

  2. Conservation Commission

    The Conservation Commission conducts research concerning the local area and seeks to coordinate the activities of other organizations working for similar purposes.

  3. Heritage Commission

    The Commission is responsible for the proper recognition of resources that are valued for their historic, cultural, aesthetic or community significance.

  4. Pedestrian & Bike Advisory Committee

    The Pedestrian and Bicyclist Advisory Committee’s mission is to help make the City of Lebanon more safely walk-able and bike-able.

  5. Planning Board

    This board is responsible for reviewing all new construction, except 1- and 2-family homes, and subdivisions of land occurring in the City.

  6. S.C.I.M.P. (Master Plan Steering)

    The Steering Committee for the Implementation of the Master Plan (or SCIMP) is charged with the implementation of the City's Master Plan.

  7. Zoning Board of Adjustment

    The Zoning Board of Adjustment, pursuant to New Hampshire law, hears and decides appeals from administrative decisions, special exceptions and variances.