Pedestrian & Bicyclist Advisory Committee

The Pedestrian and Bicyclist Advisory Committee's mission is to help make the City of Lebanon more safely walk-able and bike-able by facilitating, enhancing, and encouraging safe pedestrian and bicyclist travel and connectivity in the City of Lebanon. 

Ped & Bike Resources


  • Erling Heistad
    City Council Representative
  • George Sykes
     Alternate Council Representative
  • Vacant
    Planning Board Representative
  • Amy Chan 
    Friends of Northern Rail Trail Representative
  • Colin Smith 
    Chair, Citizen Member
    Term Expires: August 2025
  • Marie McCormick
    Vice Chair, Citizen Member
    Term Expires: June 2025
  • John Kelleher
    Citizen Member
    Term Expires: September 2024
  • Sean Dittrich
    Citizen Member
    Term Expires: March 2025
  • Haynes Bunn
    Citizen Member
    Term Expires: January 2025
  • Clifton Below
    Alternate Citizen Member
    Term Expires: October 2023
  • David Koch
    Alternate Member
    Term Expires: August 2025 
  • M. Jared Toon
    Alternate Member
    Term Expires: June 2026
  • (1) Vacant, Citizen Member
  • (3) Vacant, Alt. Citizen Member

  • Tim Corwin
    City Representative
    Planning & Development Department

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