Licensing Board

Purpose / Charge

The Licensing Board is responsible for reviewing and granting licenses for the use of Colburn Park, the Hanover Street Mall area and use of City property.

Additional Duties & Responsibilities

The Licensing Board is responsible for reviewing and granting licenses for the use Colburn Park and the Hanover Street Mall area, and use of City property pursuant to:
  1. Lebanon City Code, Chapter 14 Alcoholic Beverages, Article I Consumption in Certain Places (Ordinance Number 39) regarding the regulation and control of consumption and possession of alcoholic beverages on city-owned land or buildings, including sidewalks, public streets, parking lots, the Hanover Street Mall, city parks, et;
  2. Lebanon City Code, Chapter 23 Banners (Ordinance Number 45) regarding the erection or placement of banners across any public street or at Colburn Park;
  3. Lebanon City Code, Chapter 31 Boards and Committees, Article VI, Licensing Board (Ordinance Number 45), Section 31-29 regarding: licensing of amusement places, RSA Chapter 286; pawnbrokers, RSA 298:4; permits for soliciting funds, RSA 31:91; street fairs, RSA 31:100; fireworks, RSA 160-B-07, billiard tables, RSA 2869:6; and, raffles, RSA 287-A:7.
  4. Lebanon City Code, Chapter 176, Vending Machines (Ordinance Number 45) regarding the location of newspaper vending machines in city rights-of-way; and,
  5. Lebanon City Code, Chapter 179, Vendors (Ordinance Number 62) regarding sales by vendors within the general area of Colburn Park and the Hanover Street Mall.
The Board consists of three members - council terms one year and citizen member term three years.

General Process

  1. Applicants submit license applications to the City Manager's Office for use of City property and for activities outlined in foregoing ordinances.
  2. City Manager's Office reviews license applications for completeness.
  3. City Manager's Office schedules meetings for the Licensing Board as needed at which time applications are reviewed and acted upon.


Meetings are held on an as needed basis at the convenience of board members. 


  • Timothy McNamara (Mayor or designee)
  • Police Chief
  • Denise Potter (Citizen Member)

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