Requesting Vital Records 

Vital Record Information

Access to Vital Records

Vital Records are not considered to be public records in the State of New Hampshire. Records can only be issued to the individual to whom the record belongs or immediate family members. Immediate family members include: Parents, Step-Parents, Spouse, Sibling, Grandparent, Aunt or Uncle. We cannot issue to cousins, in-laws or other parties without proof of tangible interest. (For example, a legal guardian can obtain a record with proof of guardianship.) 

Photo identification is required of the person requesting the vital record. If you do not have photo identification, please contact our office for further instructions. 

Where Do I Obtain My Vital Record? 

The following New Hampshire records can be obtained from ANY City/Town office in New Hampshire: 

  • Birth: 1982 – Present 
  • Death: 1990 – Present 
  • Marriage: 1989 – Present
  • Divorce: 1990 – Present (within 6 months of current date) 
Births and deaths prior to the above mentioned dates need to be obtained from the town where the event occurred. Marriages prior to 1989 will need to be obtained from the town or city where the marriage license was applied for, not where the marriage took place.  

Please note, Certified Copies of Divorces are one page certified documents that simply state a couple is divorced. For a Certified Copy of Divorce decree that includes all stipulations OR for a divorce that took place prior to 1990 or within the last six months, please contact the Court where your divorce was obtained.  


Payment is collected at time of search. It is $15.00 for one copy and $10.00 for any subsequent copies (of the same record) per order. If requesting in-person, cash or personal check is accepted. If requesting through the mail, a money order or cashier’s check made payable to the City of Lebanon will be accepted; personal checks through the mail are not accepted.

Processing Through the Mail

Below are applications for each type of vital record. At the bottom of the application you will find information on how to request the record through the mail. Please be sure to complete the “Checklist before mailing” to ensure that you submit everything which is required. If you are unable to print any of the forms, you can simply handwrite a request supplying all the information listed on the form.