Chapter 13: Energy

Vision & Purpose

The long term vision for Lebanon's energy future is to increase energy savings for residents, businesses, and municipal functions, to ensure a robust and stable energy economy, and to reduce the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions that result from a fossil fuel-dependent economy. The purpose of the Energy Plan is to develop near-term outcomes, strategies, and actions that lay a strong foundation for Lebanon's energy future, for the fiscal and environmental benefit and security of the City and its taxpayers. The Energy Plan and planning process aim to:
  • Prioritize specific recommendations focused on increasing municipal energy efficiency to save taxpayer money and reduce municipal energy demand, and recommend policies that promote energy efficiency over the long term in the municipal, commercial, and residential sectors.
  • Provide a strategic direction for the Lebanon Energy Advisory Committee and build the committee's capacity to advocate and implement initiatives in the public interest.
  • Involve citizens in shaping Lebanon's energy future.

Read Chapter 13 of the Lebanon Master Plan (PDF).