Chapter 11: Historic Resources

Vision & Purpose

Lebanon's rich heritage will be made accessible to our citizens and young people through ongoing efforts to protect, research, study and communicate about the City's historic structures and documents. Both residents and visitors will be given a sense of the community's history, including the significance of those structures and documents, and the stories of the people involved in them. The City of Lebanon will work to protect and preserve the distinctiveness of its historic and representative architecture, natural landscape and resources, homesteads of historic persons, historic structures, and properties of historic value.

The City will also educate its residents and visitors about the City's many architectural and historic sites and resources to encourage the preservation of its history for generations to come. Finally, the City will preserve its historic legacy through careful planning and quality design by encouraging adaptive reuse of and respectful infill development around its historic buildings that are not used as museums and preserved historic sites.

Read Chapter 11 of the Lebanon Master Plan (PDF).