Chapter 10: Recreation

Vision & Purpose

The City of Lebanon shall foster a high quality of life by maintaining and enhancing the City's recreational resources, and striving to provide residents with access to recreation facilities and programs appropriate for people of all ages, backgrounds, interests and ability levels. The City recognizes the important role recreational activities play in creating social ties and a sense of community, teaching positive values like teamwork and fair play, and promoting healthy lifestyles and an appreciation of nature. City parks and open spaces will continue to provide venues for organized sports and informal leisure-time activities, which create a vibrant, fun and stimulating atmosphere that enriches residents' daily lives.

Lebanon's parks and open spaces will continue to foster a sense of civic pride and community identity, and will be among the amenities that help attract new businesses and residents to the City. The City's parks and open spaces will be linked to our residential neighborhoods, central business districts, schools, and employment and service centers through an interconnected multi-use path system.

Read Chapter 10 of the Lebanon Master Plan (PDF).