Newly Purchased Vehicles

This section applies to both currently established residents and new residents, who have just purchased a vehicle. If the vehicle you purchased is year 1999 or older, please view the Title Exempt Vehicles page.

Vehicles Year 2000 or Newer

  • If you bought the vehicle through a New Hampshire Dealer, you will need to bring the New Hampshire Title Application (form marked Town Clerk in red letters at the bottom) that was prepared in your name. You may also have a New Hampshire Title Application if you financed through a New Hampshire lending institution.
  • If you bought the vehicle by private sale or through an out-of-state dealer bring either:
    • A title with assignments properly completed
    • Certificate of Origin (if the vehicle is a lease, please also bring the vehicle lease agreement)
If your vehicle was purchased through private sale or an out-of-state dealer and more than one owner has been listed on the title or certificate of origin, both owners will need to be present to sign the title application that our office will prepare.

In addition to this paperwork, you will also need:
  • If you are transferring plates, please bring the current registration to your previous vehicle. If you can't find the current registration, you can purchase an Application for Copy of Registration (PDF) duplicate for $19. In order to do a transfer, the first owner from the previous vehicle must remain as the first owner on the new vehicle.
  • Residency Requirements for Motor Vehicle Registrations (PDF), if you are a new resident or haven't registered a car in Lebanon in your name in the last 12 months
  • Payment, cash or check
  • Driver's License