Chapter 09: Transportation

Vision & Purpose

The City of Lebanon's transportation systems shall be balanced and integrated to improve mobility, enhance resident's quality of life, improve the attractiveness of our neighborhoods, and support planned regional growth. Transportation decisions shall be based on environmentally sound and health-promoting principles, shall focus on reinforcing Lebanon's residential neighborhoods, and shall be pedestrian and bicycle friendly.

The City of Lebanon shall strive for a balanced and integrated multi-modal (the combination of transit, motor vehicle, air, rail, pedestrian, and bicycle transportation) transportation system that provides incentives for increased use of transit, bicycle and pedestrian modes; supports compact, mixed-use development; reduces carbon footprints, and contributes to decreases in both traffic congestion and volumes. The City shall approach transportation issues with an eye to the prevention of future challenges, as well as seeking to remedy existing problems and support sustainable development.

A transportation implementation plan is needed to attain this vision while coordinating and integrating its elements into other planning areas such as land use and economic development.

Read Chapter 9 of the Lebanon Master Plan (PDF).