Chapter 08: Community Facilities & Services

Vision & Purpose

The City of Lebanon should continue to provide high quality community facilities and services. The City should also continue to maintain and improve community facilities; this includes the reuse of facilities and development of new facilities within the downtown areas to maintain more of the outlying open areas.

Since both the quality and cost of community facilities and services are impacted by the City's development policies, they are an integral part of the long-range planning program. The City should coordinate land use and development with the capacity and capability of facilities and services to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness in a manner consistent with the Land Use Chapter of this Master Plan.

Participation in ongoing regional planning and contribution to regional efforts when possible and appropriate is of key importance. In order to better integrate community facilities, the City should coordinate with the Lebanon School Board to assure management of major capital expenses and bond issues for City residents.

Read Chapter 8 of the Lebanon Master Plan (PDF).