Chapter 06: Economic Development

Vision & Purpose

The City of Lebanon shall promote high-quality economic development that provides safe, healthy working conditions, and rewarding careers and employment opportunities for residents of the City and region. In accordance with the "Residents-First" policy, economic development in Lebanon shall benefit our residents and enhance quality of life in the City. Our economic development strategy shall foster a vibrant and sustainable local economy by:
  • Encouraging and attracting enterprises that contribute to the total welfare of the City of Lebanon, while also recognizing Lebanon's role as an employment center for the Upper Valley.
  • Preserving and enhancing the natural and built environment of Lebanon, and promoting a high quality of life for those who live in, work in or visit our City.
  • Implementing economic development and redevelopment strategies that do not result in a greater tax burden for City residents.
  • Striving to support a mix of businesses from a variety of economic sectors to better protect our local economy from sudden shifts within a single industry and to increase our resistance to economic downturns.
  • Adopting land use policies that encourage redevelopment of existing non-residential sites and development of existing lands zoned for non-residential use before extensively developing any additional lands for non-residential use.
  • Maintaining the infrastructure needed to support economic development at high service levels, including fostering state-of-the-art communications infrastructure throughout the City.
  • Encouraging new non-residential construction and renovation of existing non-residential structures to result in high-quality buildings that can be reconfigured and adapted so that the same structure may serve different purposes over time.
  • Supporting a variety of housing options that will allow those working within the City, at all income levels, to also live in the City.
  • Understanding that a strong economy requires a well-educated and skilled workforce, and providing educational and workforce training opportunities for residents at all stages of life.
Read Chapter 6 of the Lebanon Master Plan (PDF).