Chapter 05: Natural Resources

Vision & Purpose

Lebanon's natural environment shall be widely considered a community asset, comprised of public and private ownership, whose conservation is essential to our continued health, quality of life, and the health of all species. It shall be recognized as in the public interest to encourage the preservation of open space, thus providing a healthful and attractive outdoor environment for the work and recreation of the City's citizens, maintaining the character of the City's landscape, and conserving its land, water, forest, agricultural, and wildlife resources.

Significant public and private investment shall improve the quality of our water, air and soils and shall have ensured the clarity of the night sky. A concerted combination of land protection, responsible stewardship and creative site planning shall conserve significant natural areas and important natural systems for the benefit of current and future generations while respecting and preserving the rights of property owners. Conservation areas, other open spaces, and greenbelts shall be linked with the City's built environment to provide "green infrastructure" (a network of natural lands, working landscapes and other open spaces that conserves ecosystem values and functions and provides associated benefits to people) supportive of convenient public access and compatible recreation, viable waterways, and thriving wildlife populations.

Identification & Preservation of Resources

The City of Lebanon shall identify its significant natural resources and promote the preservation, conservation, responsible management, and harmonious use of those resources for current and future generations.

Read Chapter 5 of the Lebanon Master Plan (PDF).