Motor Vehicle Registrations

Processing During COVID-19

We are currently open to the public Monday through Thursday from 7:00AM to 5:00PM. Masks are required for service; we have masks available if needed. If you cannot wear a mask OR you do not wish to appear in-person due to concern of COVID 19, please use the following guidance:

 If you are registering a new vehicle OR you are a new resident to Lebanon who needs to register a vehicle, the most efficient way to begin the process is to email documents and information to our office at  If you are unable to email documents, you can leave them in an envelope in our green drop box. Please be sure to include your contact information.

We will review your paperwork and contact you with the amount due, payment options and how to submit original documents. In each section of our Motor Vehicle pages, the required documents for processing are listed. Those are the documents that will need to be submitted to our office. Completed transactions will be mailed to you. Transactions can take up to a week to process so please plan accordingly. 

 If you require additional guidance, you can call our office at 603-448-3054. 

Registering & Titling

There are many different scenarios surrounding registering and titling motor vehicles. On this page, you will find information involving some of our most common scenarios. They provide guidelines for the type of paperwork that we will need. However, due to the complexity of some transactions, you may still need to contact us to ensure you come in with the correct documents.


Payment is required at time of service. Acceptable forms of payment are personal checks, cash, money orders, debit cards and credit cards. For debit and credit cards, a processing fee of 2.79%, with a minimum fee of $1.50, will be collected. The processing fees are paid directly to our third-party processor and are not retained by the City of Lebanon. 

Registration fees differ for each vehicle. If you need to get an estimate before coming in, please call us. Phone estimates will be given as time allows between assisting customers who are currently in the office conducting business.

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