Safety Tips

  1. Identity Theft Prevention

    Identity theft is the misuse of another individual's personal information to commit fraud, learn about what the Lebanon Police Department suggests you do to avoid identity theft.

  2. Pedestrian Safety

    Shorter days, more night driving and winter weather all provide potential hazards for pedestrians.

  3. Shopping & Parking Lot Safety Tips

    View guidelines from the Lebanon Police Department staying safe while shopping and in parking lots.

  1. Summer Safety Tips

    View 10 things parents can do to help keep their children safe in the summer.

  2. Summer Weather: Pets in Vehicles

    The Lebanon Police Department urges people to simply leave pets at home when you are going on trips that would require your pet to be left in a vehicle unattended. Pets are especially susceptible to heat as they are much less efficient at cooling themselves as people are.

  3. Tips for Safe Winter Driving

    Always stay safe in those cold winter months with tips and advice from the Police department.