Chapter 02: Land Use

Vision & Purpose

The City of Lebanon shall promote balanced land use that fosters the thoughtful development of our urban and densely settled cores and conserves existing rural and natural areas. Our land use policies and regulations shall seek to balance the need for preservation of rural areas, open spaces, wildlife habitat and natural resources with the need and demand for growth and development through carefully considered planning and decision-making.

The City shall seek to secure a high quality of life for our citizens by accommodating growth that considers the broader social, economic, and environmental issues, and meets the goals contained within this Master Plan, while respecting the rights of all landowners. We shall take into consideration the intrinsic value of the natural surroundings as well as the interests of the many stakeholders, interest groups, and citizens that make up our community. The City shall continue to be guided by Lebanon’s “Principles for a Sustainable Community” (see the Introduction of this plan) when considering land use, growth and development issues, including weighing the effects of today’s decisions on future generations.

Read Chapter 2 of the Lebanon Master Plan (PDF).

Chapter 02 Implementation