Trues Ledges


Trues Ledges consists of 0.3 mile of trails and is rated 2, or easy but hazardous. Seemingly nondescript trail descends through woods to the dramatic True's Brook, which drains much of southwest Lebanon.


Parking is along the south side of True's Brook Road before the first bridge, about 0.8 miles East of 12A. Please do not park on private property.


Rocky gorge (between upstream and downstream parcel boundaries, True's Brook drops some 50 feet in elevation along 700 linear feet of shoreline with three dramatic overlooks); long-popular local swimming hole; varied plants and animals (aquatic, riparian, and upland species share relatively small area).


In 1998, local efforts succeeded in City's acquisition of this parcel; now permanently conserved by easement to Upper Valley Land Trust.
Trues Ledges Map