Starr Hill


Starr Hill features a maze of trails through undeveloped land between I-89, Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital, Mascoma Street, and Young Street. Most trails continue to private property; please respect neighbors.


Parking is at the end of Wheatley Street, one block West of Young Street, which runs West of, and parallel to, Hanover Street / NH 120. Please do not park on or block private property.


Wildflowers (over 50 species); wetlands (Figure Eight Pond, beaver pond); boulders and exposed bedrock (steep cliffs along western boundary); wildlife (spotted salamander, wood frog, woodpecker, turkey, fox, fisher, deer, bear, and moose).


Conserved by neighbors in 1991 with the help of the Upper Valley Land Trust, expanding upon former Watson K. Eldridge estate conferred to City in 1876.
Starr Hill Area Map