Landfill Stickers and Tickets

Resident Refuse/Recycling Sticker

Stickers are available at the Landfill only. You must be able to prove your residence. Stickers are available for residential addresses only. No sticker is to be conveyed for use for recyclable materials generated from a commercial property. Possession of a resident sticker allows only materials from residential addresses to be deposited. Stickers must be placed on the driver side, lower outside corner of the windshield.

Ticket Booklets

Landfill ticket punch cards are sold only to residents of those towns contracting to use the Landfill or owners of property in the respective contract towns to allow for disposal of waste from that contract town area. Each punch is good for the disposal of up to 29 pounds of waste, excluding tires. Punch cards contain 10 punches and cost $10.00. Punch cards may be purchased at Lebanon City Hall or either Library. No refunds or credits are issued. NOTE: Any load under 16 pounds will cost only 50 cents. The City of Lebanon is not responsible for lost or stolen ticket/punch cards.  

Commercial Haulers 

All commercial haulers must register with the Landfill Attendant. The tipping fee is $68.68 per ton with a minimum disposal charge of 200 pounds.

Security & Enforcement

At the discretion of the Attendant vehicles are subject to being weighed in and/or inspected.

NO Cash Payments

Cash transactions at the Landfill are prohibited.