Solid Waste & Recycling Facility

Get your Solid Waste Permit! - All Lebanon residents and residents in authorized participating communities are now required to obtain a permit to use the Lebanon Solid Waste Facility. Learn how to apply.

COVID-19 Operations - The Lebanon Solid Waste Facility remains open. Please review the safety precautions we ask you to take when you visit. View complete details.

  1. Save that Styrofoam for the Next Polystyrene Collection Day

    Did you know that polystyrene foam (Styrofoam) is one of the few plastics that can be recycled but isn’t typically accepted at local recycling facilities? There’s now a solution! Save your foam and learn more about the next polystyrene collection day! View complete details.
  2. Don’t Waste Your Christmas Tree

    Christmas trees are a traditional and wonderful part of this season’s celebration. Learn more about choosing an eco-friendly tree and disposing of it after the celebrations are over. Continue reading.
  1. Managing Holiday Waste

    The holiday season is in full swing. Many are enjoying dinner parties, wrapping gifts, and decorating their home. At the end of this festive season, there is a whole lot of trash to deal with. Here are some quick tips to better manage your holiday waste. Learn more.
  2. Leaves, Brush and Yard Waste, Oh My!

    In New Hampshire, leaves and yard waste are banned from being disposed in landfills. This means you can’t “throw them away” in your trash. Continue reading to find out how to properly manage your yard waste this autumn. Continue reading...
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