Conservation Commission

Purpose / Charge 

The Conservation Commission was established for the purposes described in RSA Chapter 36-A:2, namely for the proper utilization and protection of the natural resources of the City of Lebanon, including but not limited to watershed resources, as elaborated in NH RSA 36-A:2. 

Additional Duties & Responsibilities

Additional duties and responsibilities of the Commission include: 

  • Stewardship of Lebanon conservation lands. 
  • Open space planning.
  • Wetland permit review.
  • Education as to the importance of natural resource preservation and open space protection.
  • Coordination of volunteer programs and special projects.

Agendas, Minutes, and Media

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Media recordings of City meetings are posted within 48 hours following the meeting date. Minutes are posted following approval. View Agendas, Minutes, and Media

Meeting Time and Date

View the Conservation Commission meeting schedule for a complete listing of scheduled meetings. View the City Meeting Calendar for the most current information regarding meeting times and schedules.

Contact Information

To contact the Conservation Commission, please use our Boards and Committees Contact Form


The Commission is comprised of seven regular members, four alternates, and a City Council representative who shall serve as a regular voting member as follows:

  • Erling Heistad, Council Representative
  • Devin Wilkie, Alt. Council Representative
  • Sarah Riley, Chair
    Term Expires: October 2024
  • Bruce James, Vice Chair
    Term Expires: December 2025
  • Ernst Oidtmann, Regular
    Term Expires: July 2026
  • Barbara Hirai, Regular
    Term Expires: January 2026
  • Don Lacey, Regular
    Term Expires: July 2026
  • Christopher Johnson, Regular
    Term Expires: December 2025
  • Susan Almy, Alternate
    Term Expires: January 2026
  • Sean Dittrich, Alternate
    Term Expires: August 2025
  • Vacant, Alternate 
  • Vacant, Alternate

  • Mark Goodwin, City Staff Representative
    Contact Information 
photo of a field of wildflowers
  1. What's Up with Jumping Worms?

    The Conservation Commission would like to share information about jumping worms. While common earthworms are also non-native invasive species in our part of the world, jumping worms appear to be having a much larger negative impact on our environment. View Complete Details...
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Report a Problem

To report occurrences of blow-downs blocking trails, litter, or other situations that should be brought to the attention of the Conservation Commission, please use our Incident Report Form. No sign-up is required.