Homeless Information

Are you, or someone you know, homeless? 
Unable to stay with friends/family? 


  • Tri-County CAP, 603-443-6150; or,
  • 24/7 call 2-1-1 or 1-866-444-4211 if dialing a “9” first; or,
  • 24/7 call the Upper Valley Haven at 802-295-6500

Securing Permanent Housing  
Tri-County CAP administers two separate loan programs designed to assist homeless individuals and families in securing permanent housing.  Applicants must meet income guidelines and prove they have the income necessary to support the cost of the housing and all other household expenses, including repayment of the loan. 
The Homeless Housing and Access Revolving Loan Fund (HHARLF): A loan program offering limited funding towards the first month rent. 

the applicants have repaid the loan amount to Tri-County CAP, the security deposit will be transferred to the landlord.
A homeless man sitting on a bench.