Emergency Preparedness & Safety

  1. How To Prepare for Emergencies

    Find various recommendations about emergency preparedness including having a personal preparedness kit.

  2. Summer Safety

    Learn more about how to be prepared during the summer months with tips about heat emergencies, potential effects and risks of extreme temperatures, outdoor grilling, and more.

  3. Winter Safety

    Safety tips to help keep you safe during the winter months including information about heating systems.

  1. Holiday Safety Tips

    Information and tips on how to keep you and your loved ones safe during the holidays including 4th of July fireworks, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  2. Flood Safety

    Find important information about flood preparedness, such as how to be ready as a homeowner, what to do in a flood, and resources available.

  3. Other Safety Tips and Issues

    Learn about other safety issues and warnings such as scalding, colored powder, and more.