Plan Review

Plan reviews are a 2 part process to ensure that before a structure is built in the City, it is consistent with fire protection requirements and code compliant.

Preliminary Review

This review is conducted for the planning department prior to any site work or construction. The report is submitted to the Planning Board. Based upon the proposed size, occupancy and location of the project, the Deputy makes recommendations consistent with current practices and codes. These recommendations address, in part: hydrant locations, mandated or recommended sprinkler systems, alarm systems, and access for emergency apparatus onto the site.

Blueprint Review

After obtaining Planning Board approval, blueprints for the project are prepared and submitted to the fire department for code compliance interpretation. The Deputy assesses the blueprints for fire code compliance including such things as: travel distances to exits, extinguisher type and placement, exit widths, sprinkler system/detection system compliance and exit area materials. Errors or omissions discovered through this review can be easily corrected prior to the start of construction thus saving money and valuable construction time.