Prevention Program

The incident that never occurs is the least costly for the City to handle. This is what prevention is all about. Fire Prevention costs the community an estimated $91,401. This includes the wages and support services that are used. This proactive strategy, based out of Station 1, is comprised of the following programs: Inspection, Investigation, Plan Review, and Public Education.
  1. Inspection

    In your home and office, the existence or recognition of hazards by the owner/occupant is based on his or her perception, education, and familiarity of the building, codes and hazard identification. Firefighters, versed in both code and hazard issues, provide a more consistent, objective and measurable tool for hazard assessment of buildings.

  2. Investigation

    The discovery of the cause of a fire can allow for future fires to be avoided or lessened and for ruling out or confirming the existence of a crime (arson).

  3. Plan Review

    Plan reviews are a 2 part process to ensure that before a structure is built in the City, it is consistent with fire protection requirements and code compliant.

  4. Public Education

    The Public Education Program utilizes every avenue to disseminate information to the City but has 3 main primary delivery platforms: Juvenile Education, Community Education, and Industrial Education.