Cemetery Information

The City of Lebanon Public Works department manages the Cemetery Trust Funds and provides cemetery location and genealogy support when requested. 


The following are established as municipal cemeteries: 

Board of Cemetery Trustees

Lebanon City Council adopted an ordinance to establish a Board of Cemetery Trustees on June 20, 2018. View additional information: 

Cemetery Information

📄 Cemetery Application Form (Grave Lot Purchase & Transfer, Burial Services, Monument Foundation Orders)

🔗 City Code, Chapter 46 Cemeteries 

Cemetery Maintenance

Per City Code Chapter 46, municipal cemeteries are cleared of all flowers, artificial or natural, during the month of April and October. Any person wishing to retain their plants, flowers or pots (cement pots excluded) shall remove them prior to those dates.

About Natural Burials

"Natural" or "Green" burial promotes the decomposition of the body with minimal impact on the environment. Natural burials are permitted in Old Pine Tree Cemetery and in Section "F" of the West Lebanon Cemetery. Please reference City Code Chapter 46 Cemeteries for detailed information on Natural Burials. 

About Winter Burials

The Department of Public Works will prepare graves for burial during the winter months, weather and other circumstances permitting. For those wishing to delay burial services until spring, we do offer an entombment area for temporary internment during the winter months for a fee of $500. For more information, please contact the Public Works Department during regular business hours at 603-448-3112.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to common questions. If your issue is not answered below, you may Submit a Request. To view the complete cemetery rules, please refer to Chapter 46 of the Lebanon City Code.

  1. Patrick McCarthy

    Maintenance Manager

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