1. Cemetery Information

    Cemetery Information

    The City of Lebanon Public Works department manages the Cemetery Trust Funds and provides cemetery location and genealogy support when requested.

  2. Winter Operations

    Winter Operations

    Winter weather in New England is difficult to predict. There are many variables affecting winter maintenance operations such as type of precipitation, air and pavement temperature, traffic, wind, time of day and day of week.

  3. Why Do We Flush Hyrdrants?

    Why Do We Flush Hyrdrants?

    We appreciate concerns raised by our residents who call about what may be perceived as “wasting water,” but rest assured we flush the lines because it is a necessary part of protecting our public health.

  4. Scoop the Poop

    Scoop the Poop

    Animal waste pollutes our parks and other grounds in addition to being unpleasant and unhealthy for residents and aquatic life. Learn more about the City of Lebanon ordinance regarding the removal of dog defecation from public and private properties.