Communications & Dispatch

Mission Statement

The Lebanon Public Safety Communications Division of the Lebanon Police Department is the professional answering point and dispatch center for Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services for the citizens of Lebanon and the visitors to our community. Our mission is to provide the vital link between the caller and the proper agency or agencies needed to assist each caller. In completing our mission, we strive to do so in a professional, courteous and accurate manner.


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Public Safety Call-Taking Process

Our trained Communications Specialists perform both call-taking and dispatching duties. They answer citizens calls for service, both emergency and non-emergency, and dispatch Police Officers, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Personnel and equipment to handle many different types of situations. Communications Center personnel provide the vital first link between citizens and resources. They are also the lifeline to the field personnel. Their performance directly contributes to the safety and well-being of the city's and towns' Officers, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Personnel, residents, and visitors.

Alarm Ordinance

The Communications Division monitors Police, Fire and Emergency Medical alarms for many residences and businesses in Lebanon and dispatches emergency service providers for all alarms within the City. Effective November 16, 2006, any residence or business who has an alarm system must be permitted by the Communications Division and must maintain an updated emergency call list with the Division. A $50 fee will be imposed for not maintaining an up-to-date emergency call list. Failure to be permitted is a violation and is also subject to a civil penalty of $500 for each alarm reported to the Division without a permit.

The monitoring fee for alarms has been changed to $250 per year. The fee for 4 or more false alarm per calendar year is $100 each.


All Lebanon Public Safety Communications Specialists are members of the New Hampshire Emergency Dispatchers Association.