Mechanic Street Improvement Project

The Mechanic Street Reconstruction Project has been in the que for well over 10 years and is slotted for re-construction to begin in 2016 as per the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) 10 year plan. The project will be Federally funded with a cost share of 80% Federal and 20% local money. The corridor is currently in the preliminary study stage.

Study Area

The Study area encompasses the High street intersection to Exit 19, with all key intersections in between being studied.
  • Patterns that will be looked into include:
  • Bicycle
  • Number of Travel Lanes
  • Pedestrian Travel
  • Potential Widening
  • Right of Ways
  • Traffic.
  • Transit
  • Widths of the Roadways
Improvements to circulation of travel for all modes and access along the corridor and incorporating the Mascoma Greenway into the planning will also be considered.


There has been one introduction meeting to the corridor and walkabouts have been scheduled to look at the overall corridor and property owner issues and potential property impacts, ideas for improvements, etc. Three alternatives for the corridor will be generated and presented to the Council and public after traffic studies have been completed and historical information has been gathered.


The City welcomes your comments, ideas, witnessed issues and concerns with this gateway corridor as we are in the preliminary stages of planning and throughout all stages of the design. There will be many more announced meetings discussing the intersections and design of the Corridor.
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