Capital Improvement Project (CIP)


  • Meetings are held as needed
  • City Hall
    West Meeting Room


Planning Board Representatives

  • Elizabeth Celtrick
  • Keith Davio
  • Earl R. Jette
  • Ken Morley

Administrative Representatives

  • David Brooks
    Director of Planning and Zoning
  • Len Jarvi
    Finance Director
  • Paula Maville
    Interim City Manager

Purpose / Charge

It is the Committee's responsibility to review, evaluate, rank, and revise the Capital Improvement Project List as presented by the Administration, with a view toward ensuring that proposed projects are compatible and complementary with the Master Plan.  


The Planning Board Capital Improvement Committee is the body appointed by the Planning Board to develop the CIP. The Planning Board may elect to have a committee with non-members so long as the Board represents more than 50% of the committee membership.