Online Presentment & Payment FAQs

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Which credit cards are accepted?

For property taxes and motor vehicle renewals, we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover through Invoice Cloud, our online payment partner. For water/sewer bills, we accept MasterCard, American Express, and Discover through Invoice Cloud, our online payment partner. 

 What is Invoice Cloud?

Invoice Cloud is a web-based, electronic invoice presentment and payment company that we have partnered with to provide faster, billing and collections, customers can click and pay online with more convenient billing services to our customers. By automating helping the environment and reducing clutter in their home or workspace.

Is there one account number for all of my bills?

No, account numbers vary for the different bill types. For instance:

Real Estate -Tax Map & Lot # (7/123/20)
Motor Vehicle -Renewal Notice PIN# (M-0001234) & 5-digits of VIN#(32813) 
Water & Sewer -Account # (0120345) & Bill # (012344)

If I pay different bills (i.e. property tax, and water/sewer) do I need to register twice?

Yes, one-time registration is required for each bill type to access the resident portal. You need to register for each of the bill types and accounts you wish to pay online. If you own two parcels you will need to register both parcels. If you own multiple vehicles, you will only need to register once. Once the initial registration process has been completed for each of your accounts, viewing and paying future invoices will be in place. However, if you register your accounts with the same email and password (suggested), you will get a list of accounts to choose from in your customer portal. 

Can I put my water/sewer bill on Auto-Pay, but keep my real estate taxes as a scheduled payment?

Yes, each bill type operates independently. When you sign up for Auto-Pay, you will be asked to select which bill type you want to put on Auto-Pay. Those bills selected will be paid on the day they are due. 
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