About Lebanon Citizens Academy

What exactly is Lebanon Citizens Academy?  

It is a 12-week program designed to educate residents about the inner workings of their local government.  The 2017 Academy will consist of three sessions (4 weeks each) where participants will hear from staff, tour facilities, and partake in hands-on demonstrations.

What can you expect from the investment of your time?  

You can expect to learn the ins-and-outs of your local government, from the processes to the people responsible for providing the services.  

Classes begin in February 2017 and will cover the following topics:

City Management, City Clerk, Boards, Commissions & Committees, Permitting, Master Plan / Capital Improvement Planning / Budgeting / Development of the Annual Work Plan, Recreation & Library, Police Department, Fire Department, Your Community Airport, Public Works, Water Plant, Wastewater Treatment Facility & Landfill

Who Can Enroll?

Any resident of Lebanon/West Lebanon who is at least 18 years of age.  Minimum enrollment for each session is 15; maximum is limited to 30 participants.

How can I learn more and where can I sign up?  

Complete the on-line application or call the City Manager’s office at 448-4220 with questions.

Be A Voice in the Community… Learn What You Can and Pass It Along