Lebanon Outcomes

Lebanon Outcomes is a work plan developed by Lebanon City Council and City staff to achieve sustainability and maintain Lebanon's quality of life.

This work plan implements the outcomes of the Master Plan through ongoing department-specific tasks that are monitored and updated on an annual basis. Please note that references to the Master Plan are indicated by (red parentheses).

The Work Plan focuses on 5 main outcomes: 

  1. Excellent Planning
  2. Economic Vitality
  3. Sufficiency and Resiliency
  4. Fiscal Responsibility
  5. Public Safety

This plan provides direction to City staff under the guidance of the Council and City Manager. We have further defined the idea of a Sustainable Community as one that has a Sense of Place, Environmental Responsibility, Energy Efficiency, is Healthy and Well, and is a Cultural and Learning Center.

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2022-2024 Outcomes and Work Plan.

Lebanon Outcomes