Facility Requirements & Alternatives

Based on the individual and collective tasks during the CAMP, and based on the Community's mission and vision statements, the Airport's facility needs and a set of development alternatives designed to meet those needs will be considered.


The objective of this task is to prepare a set of facility requirements based on aviation demand forecasts. These inputs will be used for development alternatives that meet these requirements and the community/regional needs and vision for the airport. The forecasts should take into consideration local socioeconomic factors, traffic growth, demand characteristics at the Airport, and the new mission and vision for the airport. The Capacity Analysis and Airside Facility Requirements will include review of the 2010 Master Plan, a summary of facility requirements to the extent they meet the new mission and vision established for the Airport. 3 separate and distinct areas will be reviewed: Airfield, Passenger Terminal, and Landside.

The airfield alternative to be recommended will be developed and justified. The landside alternatives will be developed based on mission and vision, land use compatibility, environmental impact, potential for expansion, operational efficiency, and revenue generation capability.