Artificial Intelligence Initiative 

Welcome to the City of Lebanon's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Initiative page.

As we step into the future, the City of Lebanon is committed to leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the quality of life for all our residents. AI offers unprecedented opportunities to improve city services, from planning and development to public safety and administrative efficiency.

Our journey with AI is guided by a deep commitment to ethical standards, transparency, and community engagement. Through our AI policy and ongoing initiatives, we aim to foster an environment where technology serves the public good, ensuring that AI is used responsibly and equitably across our community.

On this page, you'll find comprehensive resources, including our AI policy documents, a registry of AI software, updates on AI-related projects, and avenues for you to provide feedback. Your insights are invaluable as we navigate this transformative path.

Join us in embracing the possibilities that AI brings to enhance the way we live, work, and connect in Lebanon. Please feel free to provide feedback about our AI Initiative by choosing "Technology Review Committee" on the City's Contact Form

AI Resources