Central Fire Station Project


The historic Central Fire Station, situated in downtown Lebanon, was originally established in 1954 as a volunteer fire department, answering fewer than 100 calls annually. Since its inception, the department has evolved into a vital hub for over 30 staff and personnel, responding to 4,000-plus calls each year.

The building now reveals signs of its age, as it has remained largely unchanged. The challenges are numerous: insufficiently sized station doors that fail to accommodate contemporary fire trucks, inadequate floor drainage, non-compliance with ADA accessibility standards, persistent roof leaks, structural cracks, cramped office spaces, limited living quarters, and inadequate locker rooms. Moreover, the building's climate control is inefficient, and there is the absence of a designated area to cleanse contaminated personal protective clothing, posing safety concerns.

In 2023, the City of Lebanon contracted with Lavallee|Brensinger Architects to envision and design a brand-new fire station, strategically located on the existing property. The plan entails the complete demolition of the original 1954 structure, making way for a modern facility that systematically addresses these challenges and more. The City of Lebanon has contracted with ReArch Company for construction management services. 

Throughout the proposed construction phase, the fire department would temporarily operate from a nearby facility, assuring seamless emergency response services without any disruption. This thoughtful strategy ensures that the community's safety remains paramount throughout the transition.


The funding for the replacement fire station will be included as part of the Capital Improvement Plan which will ensure the cost is distributed over time. 

Watch the Video

Watch the video of Chief Wheatley describing the current state of the Central Fire Station and the proposed project. This video was created by JAM - Junction Arts & Media.

Preliminary Designs from Lavallee|Brensinger Architects

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Central Fire Station Replacement Timeline

  • November 2022- Identified The Central Fire Station needed immediate replacement based on condition, age, and space requirements.
  • December 2022- Contracted with Lavallee|Brensinger Architects to review the Central Fire Station space requirements based on the 2019 Public Safety Facility Study.
  • February 2023- Contracted with ReArch Company to provide cost estimates and construction management services. 
  • April 2023 – Lavallee|Brensinger Architects provided conceptual designs for the 12 South Street location.
  • May 2023- Fire Department Administration began discussions with the Army National Guard to temporarily relocate to their location at 174 Heater Road during the proposed construction of the new Central Fire Station. 
  • September 27, 2023 - Presentation to the City Council on the proposed project
  • December 13, 2023 - City Council budget public hearing for appropriation and authority to bond the proposed project
  • 2024 - Proposed construction to commence.
  • 2025 - Proposed timeframe for project construction.
  • December 2025 - Lebanon Fire Department would occupy the new fire station.