3. Veteran Credits


Credits ranging from $100 in taxes to a total exemption of taxes are available for those meeting the requirements as set by State law. The veteran must have been a New Hampshire resident for 1 year preceding April 1 of the tax year and owned the property on April 1st. A copy of the veteran's proof of service is required. (Document List) (Awards/Medals List).
  1. Standard: Veteran; Spouse; Widow (RSA 72:28) - $250
  2. All Veterans: Veteran; Spouse: Widow (RSA 72:28-b) - $250
  3. Service Connected Total and Permanent Disability (RSA 72:35) - $1,400
  4. Surviving Spouse: Spouse of any person who was killed or who died while on active duty in the armed forces of the U.S. (RSA 72:29-a) - $700
  5. Total Exemption: Must meet all requirements under RSA 72:36-a (Examples: double amputee, paraplegic, or blindness in both eyes as result of service connection and who owns a specially adapted homestead acquired with VA assistance.)