Land Acknowledgement

In consultation with a local Abenaki chief, the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Commission created the following land acknowledgment that applies to Lebanon, NH.

"Every community owes its existence and vitality to generations from around the world who contributed their hopes, dreams, and energy to making the history that led to this moment. Some were brought here or removed against their will, some were drawn to leave their distant homes in the hope of a better life, and some have lived on this land for more generations than can be counted.

The City of Lebanon is situated upon ancestral and unceded lands of the Abenaki people, known as the Alnôbak in their own language. The land, known as Koas (place of the Pines), sits within the greater ancestral territory of the Abenaki and Wabanaki homeland, called Ndakinna. This acknowledgment reminds us of the significance of place, the continued existence of Abenaki people, and our commitment to building respectful relationships with those who call these lands home today."

Ndakinna: This Place, Our Homeland Video

The City of Lebanon Heritage Commission, in collaboration with Junction Arts & Media (JAM), proudly presents a captivating video titled "Ndakinna: This Place, Our Homeland." This cinematic journey explores the rich heritage of Lebanon, NH, and its deep connections to the ancestral lands of the Abenaki people.

The video is not just a visual experience but a bridge to understanding and respecting the diverse stories that have shaped our community. The Heritage Commission invites you to watch the video and explore an interactive companion guide crafted in collaboration with the DEI Commission where you can dive deeper into the video narrative.

Join us in celebrating the cultural tapestry that makes Lebanon unique. This acknowledgment echoes the importance of place, the enduring Abenaki presence, and our shared commitment to fostering respectful relationships with all who call these lands home today.